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Pool Maintenance & Repair Services

Bluewater Swimming Pools recognise, as do our customers, that our commitment must not stop when the project ends.  In order to provide that extra peace of mind, long after the initial installation, our after sales service team is on hand when you need it.

To make this easier, we make sure that all the water clarity, quality and mechanical issues are addressed and maintained by our trained team of engineers.  Our service department operates regionally across the south ensuring our customers equipment operates efficiently and safely.

Bluewater Swimming Pools maintenance contracts are tailored to meet specific requirements from private clients and holiday parks to commercial leisure facilities. We are also more than happy to undertake servicing of swimming pools that have not been constructed by us.

Services provided include;

  • Annual/Seasonal/Weekly service agreements tailored to your needs
  • Breakdown attendance
  • One off maintenance visit
  • Equipment replacement & refurbishment
  • Out of hours call-out
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Full range of chemicals.

Please contact us for further details on our servicing

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