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Solar Covers & Rollers

Solar Covers (also referred to as Solar Blankets) are designed to aid heating to the pool's water, and retain heat within the pool when it is not in use.

Using solar covers is a smart eco-friendly approach to heating the water in your swimming pool while keeping the costs of chemicals down by preventing water evaporation of up to 90%. A quality swimming pool solar cover from Bluewater Swimming Pools will save you money on heating costs, chemicals and minimise hovering to your pool by keeping debris out.

By covering a pool that is not being used with a swimming pool solar cover, you could effectively reduce the heating costs anywhere between 50%-70%. By harnessing the power of the sun's free energy to heat up your pool's water, you do not have to rely as often on your pool's heater.

Bluewater Swimming Pools has many different types and sizes of solar covers which can be viewed at our showroom and samples can be taken.

Contact us for further details on our range of pool solar covers and stock