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Safety Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers answer all the standard questions about how to keep a pool safe, clean, warm and eco friendly.  It is a statistic worth repeating – an uncovered pool will lose between 85 – 90% of its heat through evaporation.

For any pool owner who hasn’t thought about automatic covers not just for cost savings and heat retention but also the equally important safety aspect. Automatic covers may not however fall within everyone’s budget but there are a number of very efficient automated and manual safety covers that offer a good price spectrum. Automatic covers in a variety of materials and colour choices and are equally at home on an indoor or outdoor pool.

Safety may well be a concern if small children and family pets can access the pool area.  A fully automatic system which will close the pool down in a matter of minutes by simply pressing a remote control switch from within your sitting room for example brings with it huge amounts of re-assurance.

The more elaborate safety covers are made from a tough membrane and are supported by a track system that is installed at the side of the pool or in the case of new installations, incorporated into the pool wall.  The actual cover when not in use will either be stored in a specially constructed storage box at the end of the pool or in a purpose built housing which is designed and constructed at the time the pool was being built.

PVC slatted covers are fully automated and considered to be very much top of the range. Most versions are available as a retrofit unit or as an integral part of the pool, usually being installed in a hidden pit or cave that is specially designed at the planning stage. The slats are available in a choice of colours, solar or translucent. It is not normally considered to be a safety cover, but as an optional extra, it can be supplied with a safety ledge and child safety lock, which enhances the safety aspect and should a child or household pet fall on it.