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One Piece Pools

Considered the quickest of all pools to install, they are less labour intensive as  the construction of the pool structure and installation of the pool finishes has already been carried out at the factory. The pool shells are supplied pre-fitted with all the necessary plumbing components.

Prospective pool owners looking for a swimming pool which can be quickly installed with the minimum of fuss and delivered to site with everything from plumbing to pool covers. It’s easy to see why they can be installed in 7-10 days.

It’s difficult to see the downside, the engineering strength of the fiberglass construction and the impressive warranties available has made the decision to purchase these pools much easier.  It also helps that the pools should last for 50 years.

Pricing in the market for one piece pools range from £6,000 up to £30,000 for the largest pools with integral covers and even tiled pools.

One of the most popular models is the Starline Monoblock one piece pool which comes with the option of a fully integrated Roldeck automatic pool cover which is hidden below the pools surround.  This does away with the need for access to the cover pit allowing  the pool surround and copings to run up to the edge of the pool.

Arriving on site direct from the factory in Holland the Starline Monoblock pools have a fully insulated double skin pool shell and are supplied with pool flow fittings and lights pre installed and pre-plumbed to the customers individual specification.

Having considered difficult access problems Starlines delivery vehicles allow for the front cab to detach from the low loader and become a much more maneuverable independent mobile crane type vehicle, taking the pool right to the excavation and placing the pool directly on to the concrete base.