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Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are not subject to variations in external weather conditions and temperatures. Unlike outdoor pools, but they do require careful management of room ventilation and humidity. Without a proper dehumidification and ventilation system, humidity levels will cause problems with condensation on cold surfaces and corrosion of structural components.

Bluewater Swimming Pools are installers of the highly acclaimed british manufactured Calorex dehumidification and heat recovery systems providing efficient humidity control, active heat recovery and both air and water heating. Each unit is designed around individual specific project requirements ensuring accurate capabililty and efficiency, obviating the need to under or oversize the equipment.

Each project is costed with all the necessary calculations and running costs for your project.

Indoor pools are now subject to the part ‘L’ Building regulations, which were introduced in October 2010 and state that when a new indoor swimming pool  is being built as part of a new construction then the pool shell should be built in such a way as to limit the heat loss from it to the ground by adequate insulation.

In building terms this means that a pool should be constructed in such a way that the Insulating valve (called the U Valve) should be at least as good as 0.25 W/M²/Dey C. The lower the U – Valve number, the better the insulation is and the less heat is lost.

These regulations cover all new builds as well as refurbishments (both domestic and commercial) it does not apply to outdoor pools, nut it is likely that within the next 5 years this will be implemented.

For further details on how this may effect your new Indoor pool and how we can help you, contact us for further details to discuss your requirements.